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Shakey Graves

Graphic Design, Web Development

A collaboration with 7s Management in Denver, blues musician, writer and artist Shakey Graves new website was tailored to his unique tastes and artistic talent.

Focused on social media managed by the artist, this mobile responsive website features: full customizable home page for individual album advertising, tour and booking section managed by his staff, and streaming social media feed.

Category: Interactive

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Tags: custom layouts, graphic design, web development, Wordpress

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December2014 Greetings From VectorDefector!

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Launch: Shakey Graves
With his youthful good looks and Austin laid-back swagger, you wouldn't expect such a classic, old timey blues sound to come from Shakey Graves - but Shakey isn't about doing whats expected... READ »
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"Responsive" is the latest and greatest buzzword in the web design world these days, and while many agencies are deciding to adopt it simply because of its demand, the theory of "responsive" design has actually been around for more than a decade... READ »