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Shakey Graves

Graphic Design, Web Development

A collaboration with 7s Management in Denver, blues musician, writer and artist Shakey Graves new website was tailored to his unique tastes and artistic talent.

Focused on social media managed by the artist, this mobile responsive website features: full customizable home page for individual album advertising, tour and booking section managed by his staff, and streaming social media feed.

Category: Interactive

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Tags: custom layouts, graphic design, web development, Wordpress

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March2015 Greetings From VectorDefector!

vec-tor   [vek-ter] – noun: an array of data ordered such that individual items can be located with a single index or subscript.

de-fec-tor   [di-fek-ter] – noun: a person who defects from a cause, country, alliance, etc.

Greetings! You've reached the portfolio of Tom Benway: a web developer/designer, graphic designer, and digital marketing expert who specializes in unique solutions for unique businesses. VectorDefector expertly delivers hand-crafted digital solutions such as: vector graphic logo design, design for web & mobile, web development, e-commerce and much more.

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Latest Feeds From VectorDefector!

Launch: Prime Resins
VectorDefector and SMO Pros partnered to build a brand new site for industrial sealing experts, Prime Resins. With over 30 years of industry experience, the Prime Resins team relies on “equal parts art and science” to apply unique solutions for businesses with big leak problems... READ »
McGough Legal is Now BrinLaw
A repeat customer contacted me recently for a web re-work of his former site, in order to upgrade it to match his new business: BrinLaw.com. Now, attorneys Theo Brin and Rob McGough at the brand new BrinLaw.com run a new full service general litigation firm that specializes in commercial real estate litigation... READ »
VectorDefector Designs on EventRoost.com
Recently, I had the privilege of teaming up to complete some design work for new start-up EventRoost.com who specialize in multi-platform event sharing. Want to share your important event around the web - go here! READ »