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Custom E-Commerce Development

Brokered by my marketing associate Stephen, at StephenLease.com marketing, Erbaviva specializes in a luxury collection of authentically organic skincare products for baby, mothers-to-be and anyone else with a taste for the natural. The exclusive, handmade line is USDA and Demeter Certified Organic.

This custom-crafted website features a clean, magazine style layout with hand-drawn features and a fully integrated e-commerce system running on my monetIZE cart software.

Category: Data-Driven, Interactive

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Tags: custom ap development, custom layouts, e-commerce, responsive design, web development

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September2014 Greetings From VectorDefector!

vec-tor   [vek-ter] – noun: an array of data ordered such that individual items can be located with a single index or subscript.

de-fec-tor   [di-fek-ter] – noun: a person who defects from a cause, country, alliance, etc.

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WordPress 3.8
This week on Thursday, Wordpress.org announced their release of their latest version, 3.8 "Parker". Named after another famous jazz artist (Charlie Parker), this version of Wordpress has received a major facelift to its administrative site. Check it out!
Launch: Burnett & Thomason
Burnett & Thomason is a boutique law-firm after my own style: the national reach and sophisticated experience of a large firm and the personal attention and value of a small boutique...
Launch: Slate Creek Records
Upon the success of the website project for country artist Neal McCoy, new record label Slate Creek Records partnered with me to create a stylish new website designed to feature their up-and-coming stars in independent country music...