Web & E-Commerce

Logo Design, Company Branding and Illustration

As any experienced marketer will tell you, how you brand your company can define your presence on the web. With over 12 years of experience as an illustrator and a graphic designer, VectorDefector can guide you in the process of establishing a web presence that expresses your company’s essence.

Image Design Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Vector Logo Design – a logo set that fits seamlessly into a variety of print and web mediums
  • Image Consulting – how do you want to present your business’ core values visually?
  • Illustration – custom drawn “clip art” that speaks to your style and brand

Graphic Design for Web

Looking for a web presence that is unique as you and your business? Look no further. A well planned and executed web design is integral to ensuring your website captivates your audience, correctly presents your company image, and establishes the conversion you seek. As an experienced designer for web, VectorDefector knows what it takes to create a design that works both from technical and visual aspects.

Graphic Design Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional, Custom Web Layouts – a hand-made layout made to highlight you
  • Mobile and Streaming Media Player design – audio and video design built to captivate
  • Web layouts that integrate great design and functionality through SEO-friendly code.

Website and E-commerce Development (Data Driven)

Whether you’re looking to start fresh or already have an established brand, VectorDefector can assist you in building a website catered to your needs. Focusing on usability and a solid foundation of web standards, VectorDefector sites are unique, easy-to-update and budget-friendly all purpose marketing tools. Each website and E-commerce toolset offers a unique set of options that put you in control of your website content; you never have to wait for your “web guy.” It’s all within your control.

VectorDefector offers 2 levels of e-commerce:

  • Simple: Integrated into your site, easy to manage, works through PayPal for easy receipts and headache-free credit payments.
  • Store Front: Our shop integration can be upgraded in style and sophistication to meet advanced needs with limitless categories, order history and user tracking.

Website Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Editable Website Development – puts the control in your hands
  • Hand Made E-Commerce and Store Front Development – get a store-front website that’s as unique as your products
  • Custom-Tailored Web Applications – have a need specific to your company? Contact me today!

Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile devices like smart phones and pads are an expanding market. VectorDefector websites work great and look clean on a variety of devices using both “responsive” and “scaling” methods. VectorDefector also offers mobile “tag-along” sites that easily replicate your content in a format specially designed for smart phones and pads. Manage your content through the same easy-to-use interface as your regular website and pick and choose how little or how much information to present for mobile.