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Launch: Chipper Lowell

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Exuberant comedian/magician/entertainer Chipper Lowell contracted VectorDefector to deliver a brand new website designed and customized to reflect the excitement of his show, The Chipper Experience, and his brand. Based on an out-of-box WordPress theme, this lively, animated site focuses on Chipper’s audience experience, and his Corporate Experience specifically tailored for large audiences.

Focused on brand and “animated” experience, this mobile responsive website features: full customizable home page with animated slides, unique Review and Shows section, and blog / calendar events.

Keep Your Password Secure!

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net-privacyOne of the biggest issues in the online marketing business is hacking. Hacking can come in the form of a computer virus, “spam” or tricky junk mail, “phishing” or even trickier junk mail that tricks you into giving away personal information, and plain old data theft.

In our experience, the number one way people get hacked is by simply having a bad password. There are a number of tools available to hackers that can make it very easy to “guess” a password. Once someone obtains your password, they may have access to any of your online data including private personal information and financial records.

Your best defense against hacking starts at the front line: having a secure password.

Here are a few quick tips on making sure your password is difficult to hack:

  • Make sure it has at least 12 characters. We know, the longer your password is, the harder it is to remember. We’ll give you some tips later for creating secure passwords that are also memorable.
  • Include a mix of numbers, letters and symbols. The more characters your password involves, the more combinations hackers and hacking programs have to iterate through to make a guess.
  • Make it more complex than a dictionary word (or words). A simple password like “house” or even “red house” isn’t going to cut it these days. Even simple substitutions like “r3d hou$e” can be easy enough for modern programs to crack.
  • Use a password generator that will create a secure password for you. Try a website like and let them create a secure password for you. This site also gives you phonetic memorization ideas (ex: “remember: alpha charlie echo three”).

The hardest passwords to guess can also be the easier to memorize. Passwords with equations or phrases maximize the length of your password plus give you a way to remember it:

  • Try using 6 words or more to create a “pass phrase”.
    Example: “Indiana Jones flies midnight frost wheat”. Phrasing is often easier to remember than a random combination of characters.
  • Try a combination of symbols and a pass phrase.
    Example: “!indina j0ne$ f7ies m!dnight 7rost w#eat”. The more complex your substitution gets, the harder the phrase is to guess.
  • Use a combination of all three to create a secure, easy to remember equation.
    Example “Yay$Fun==#FamVAca”. This we’d remember as “yay fun money is for hashtag family vacation”. Its personal but contains no private information that could be guessed like a birth date or your child’s name.

Try to use different password phrases for every site you create an account for. The more different, unique passwords you can have the better. At the minimum, have different passwords/pass phrases for social and sharing sites than you use for your important information like banking and work documents.

Unfortunately, due to the increase of hacking software, and the pure raw computing power available a memorable password is still susceptible to hacking. To ensure total security, use complete random passwords created by the password generator site above and use a different one for every login you have. To keep track of them, you can use software called “password managers” that keep track of your passwords for you. recently posted a list of top free password managers in an article on their website along with some that have more secure subscription services.

To conclude, keep your passwords secure and update them often!

In the long run, it will save you a lot of headache, strife, and possibly lost data by coming up with something thats just a little bit more difficult to remember, or by becoming more secure using a password manager.

VectorDefector Designs on

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Recently, I had the privilege of teaming up to complete some work for my friend and entrepreneur Michael Pellegrin, owner of the start-up EventRoost specializes in multi-platform event sharing: want people to know the date of your big game, night of your concert, or release of your big product? Take a look into:

VectorDefector aided in designing the brand new home page and slides to focus in EventRoost’s marketing pitch to new members and potential big event sharers (did someone say recording artist groups and sports teams?)


What is “Responsive” Design?

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Responsive Designs

Responsive Designs

Responsive” is the latest and greatest buzzword in the web design world these days, and while many agencies are deciding to adopt it simply because of its demand, the theory of “responsive” design has actually been around for more than a decade. During the post-dot-com boom in the early 2000s when flat panel monitors rose to fame, many of the same concepts we use today were created. Overall, “responsive” design is the notion of creating websites that “respond” to different size screens, therefore presenting legible and visually pleasing experiences at any size.

Achieving a successful responsive design can often be difficult. Essentially, it requires the designer to create a single concept style that can be re-formed into up to a dozen different sizes. On top of that, it then becomes the developer’s responsibility to build the site to “snap” or change the physical size of its layout based on the user’s current screen size whether that is a 30″ flat panel, or a 3″ mobile screen. A great deal of understanding of good design, physical space, and straight web development knowledge are required to pull it off.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating a “responsive” website custom tailored to your brand and style, contact me today!


Series of Updates

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2014 Updates

2014 Updates

Wow! After a stressful 2013 and a fantastic 2014 (so far), its been a very long time since I’ve updated this website.

Starting this month, I’ll be launching a new series of updates and including new case-studies in my portfolio, the most interesting of which I’ll also be placing on the blog.

I’ve also recently launched a brand new version of this site’s theme. While its not a departure in design, it has been updated to be fully responsive for mobile, along with an entirely new streamlined method to develop my websites (both topics I’ll be delving into more later).


WordPress 3.8

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WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

This week on Thursday, announced their release of their latest version, 3.8 “Parker”. Named after another famous jazz artist (Charlie Parker), this version of WordPress has received a major facelift to its administrative site.

Along with fixing a couple minor errors that probably only annoyed me, the WordPress crew has updated their admin to be more user friendly, updatable and more responsive to different device sizes.

This means even easier, faster, more effective content editing.

Since all WordPress themes and custom plugins are built using official WordPress coding standards, I highly encourage my clients to download and check out the new version for themselves!

T-Shirts Are Go!

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VectorDefector T-Shirts

In an effort to help me expand my branding, the good folks at Soapoint Graphics have assisted me in designing and printing VectorDefector stickers and t-shirts.

Its pretty awesome to have my own branded apparel!

Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing one for $10.

Customer Survey- Soapoint Graphics

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Head honcho Mike Hornbeck at Soapoint Graphics was kind enough to return a recent survey I sent out to all of my latest customers. His satisfaction and kind words made me smile, so I thought I’d share:

How satisfied are you with the purchase you made?
– amazingly – very refreshing after being burned by another company
How satisfied are you with the service you received?
– Tom was all over it for us regardless of time of day.
How satisfied are you with our company overall?
– 12 out of 10
Were you satisfied with the price vs. the quality?
-I think the invoice came in 1000 cheaper than the original estimate so I was pretty excited about that.
How likely are you to buy from us again?
-Already planning future projects
How likely are you to recommend our products/services to others?
-Referrals should be rolling in – we haven’t been shy with your info.
Any other comments?
VectorDefector 4 Life!
Thanks Mike – and keep up the amazing print work!

VectorDefector Classes

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Creative Density

Upcoming in May – VectorDefector will team up with local co-working space Creative Density to participate in instructing continuing education classes for modern and creative professionals in Denver.

We’ll be participating with a number of other experts in offering various one-off training courses geared toward modern technology.

Stop by on May 24th to take my class on “CSS Frameworking”!

Launch: Conscious Alliance New Features

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Conscious Alliance

This week, my awesome long term client and non-profit Conscious Alliance launched a suite of new updates to their site to improve their web presence and participation.

Included in these updates were: greater selection of purchasable products and payments via PayPal, the ability to donate to a specific project and see where your donation money went, and the ability to participants to create their own campaigns to involve their friends in Conscious Alliance’s cause.

All donations are put toward communities in desperate need of food and other hunger-related measures. Check ’em out and give ’em a few bucks!