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VectorDefector Classes

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Creative Density

Upcoming in May – VectorDefector will team up with local co-working space Creative Density to participate in instructing continuing education classes for modern and creative professionals in Denver.

We’ll be participating with a number of other experts in offering various one-off training courses geared toward modern technology.

Stop by on May 24th to take my class on “CSS Frameworking”!

A Video Explanation of SOPA / ACTA

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A topic of much discussion this week, the SOPA or Stop Online Piracy Act, is an unfair solution to a problem we can all agree exists. The U.S. government is currently debating censoring the sharing of intellectual properties owned by the entertainment industry by blocking ANY websites that they believe use their products without their permission with penalties as high as jail time. A tandem act is also being discussed which essentially could allow the government to block access to international sites as they choose. Below is a video explanation of these acts, describing the ACTA initiative – a conceptual global document that outlines SOPA-like bills around the world:

I wholeheartedly agree that online piracy and copyright infringement is an issue that needs to be handled, but policing the entire web and treating us all as if we were criminals is a step too far. I recommend anyone who agrees to check out this list of companies who support SOPA and discontinue your business with them.

Creative Density: Member Minute

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Density Co-working

Last year, in order to get a change of scenery at work, I joined Creative Density – a co-working community here in Denver. Co-working environments are spaces where freelancers can gather to gain a more professional workspace and collaboration among other professionals.

Recenty Creative Density owner Craig Baute and I sat down to discuss what VectorDefector does along with the current state of the web in a section he’s called the Member Minute.

Check out the article here: or watch the video right here:

Overall co-working has been a great experience! I have a new space to utilize for professional development and a wealth of new creative folks to bounce ideas with. I’d highly recommend it.

VectorDefector: 2012

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Happy New Year everyone! 2011 was a great year for VectorDefector and I’m hoping 2012 is even better!

In addition to continuing to provide the best possible customer care, eye for design and quality working products, VectorDefector will be releasing a few new services and products throughout the year: new “tag-along” mini sites specifically designed to work well with mobile devices, a new e-commerce package for folks seeking a total e-commerce store solution, and expanded features on our already great editable designs.

I also anticipate several new launches to kick off the new year, so please come back and check out our latest and greatest collaborations!

WordPress 3.3 Released

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Wordpress 3.3

In their typical yearly fashion, the good folks at released a new version of their brilliant, free to license software yesterday.

Their latest version, 3.3 “Sonny” named after yet another jazz legend, includes a couple new features worth taking a look at: a new interface that’s more geared toward fluid layout for a range of different devices (good news for folks who edit their site on their phone or ‘pad), a new media library that is simpler to use, more thorough in-system help screens, and a small addition for developers that should help me build more flexible sites.

All and all, another great reason to continue using the best open-source content management system!

WordPress 3.2 “Gershwin” Released

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Wordpress 3.2

Today, the good folks at WordPress released the latest and greatest version of their amazing content management software – version 3.2 “Gershwin”.

This newest version focuses on speed and compatibility, which I feel was a strong focus for this release. The interface has been streamlined, the database is quicker, greater support for mobile updating has been added and updates only download the files you need instead of re-loading the entire software. Not too shabby, WordPress.

As a fan and follower of WordPress, VectorDefector will continue to offer quality websites that are light-loading, easy to update and are easy on the eyes. Contact us today to get started!

Recent Security Breaches: Change Your Password!

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Change Your Password!

This week, Sony’s Playstation Network was hacked on an unbelievably large scale resulting in outages of content, issues with online game play and, in some cases, users reporting missing dollars in their accounts.

As networks continue to grow and store our information for convenience, its important to remember that a lot of information is being stored about you on a day to day basis. While this is by no means malicious (and in fact adds to convenience), users need to remember to be careful. Make sure to choose a good password that is composed of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and even punctuation. Also try to minimize the amount of truely personal information that you share with these networks – that information is stored and can always, in the worst case scenarios, be stolen.

Personally, I made sure to remove any extra stored credit info from my XBOX Live account. While it makes life easier, I’d prefer to withold a little convenience for safety. And if you’re still using “admin” as your password, now is as good of a time as any to make that change!

Check out this article posted on Yahoo! Tech news today about some of the worst digital security breaches in history; many have taken place within the last 5 years.

More Social Media Engagement on Thurs, Fri

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Social Networks

Social Networks

According to an article posted on Yahoo! news and Mashable today, new studies are showing that Thursdays and Fridays may be the best days for businesses to interact with social media.

Studies produced by Buddy Media and Hubspot indicate a possible 18% increase in viewership on Facebook and Twitter growing at the end of the week. Their reasoning: people are starting to check out at the end of the week and spend more time browsing social networks. Furthermore, both companies note Monday as being a possible poor day to post business-related social network messages since its actually the most popular day for social network activity resulting in messages getting lost in the conversation threads.

While this doesn’t necessarily translate to traffic to a website, I encourage clients who utilize their social networks for marketing to keep this in mind. Fire off one last marketing message before heading out for the weekend and see how it returns!


Strategic Partnership: Consumer Liason

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Consumer Liason

Consumer Liason

Over the last couple of weeks, VectorDefector has joined with service provider Consumer Liason to help bolster some businesses in a variety of directions.

Consumer Liason specializes in connecting consumers with small business services providers in a wide variety of areas from graphic and web design to automotive, construction and real-estate.

A great source for anyone looking to find a local business to partner with- check out Consumer Laison!

Internet Explorer 9 Released

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Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9

This week Microsoft released its 9th version of its web browser Internet Explorer. As with most non-microsoft developers, I had been putting off upgrading until the official release and greeted it with apprehension at best.

After downloading and testing the full release, I have to say – its a definite improvement. As advertised, its much more streamlined and runs ridiculously fast compared to its predecessor. I did notice some elements of my most recent websites that work on every other browser on the market stopped working and will need a quick facelift, but thats to be expected with new corporate technology.

For anyone that uses Internet Explorer on a regular basis, I’d say go for the upgrade!