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Head honcho Mike Hornbeck at Soapoint Graphics was kind enough to return a recent survey I sent out to all of my latest customers. His satisfaction and kind words made me smile, so I thought I’d share:

How satisfied are you with the purchase you made?
– amazingly – very refreshing after being burned by another company
How satisfied are you with the service you received?
– Tom was all over it for us regardless of time of day.
How satisfied are you with our company overall?
– 12 out of 10
Were you satisfied with the price vs. the quality?
-I think the invoice came in 1000 cheaper than the original estimate so I was pretty excited about that.
How likely are you to buy from us again?
-Already planning future projects
How likely are you to recommend our products/services to others?
-Referrals should be rolling in – we haven’t been shy with your info.
Any other comments?
VectorDefector 4 Life!
Thanks Mike – and keep up the amazing print work!