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Web Founder Questions Online Privacy

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In an interesting article on Yahoo! Tech this afternoon, web founder (who helped develop the HTTP technology that runs the web) Tim Berners-Lee, spoke to a consortium in Madrid about online privacy. The discussion in question was a new piece of software that will allow ISPs to track demographics and deliver advertising to customers.  Quoting Berners-Lee: “The postman does not open my mail, the telephone company does not listen to my telephone conversations. Internet use is often more intimate than those things.”. Word.

It seems like a lot of broad-band technologies seem to be taking a more pro-active approach to their advertising. I mentioned earlier cable television networks plan to do the same thing- gather localized demographics about what you watch and use it to target advertising.

Y’know, so many services gather incomprehensible amounts of data about us wherever we go, the pessimist in me thinks this argument is just a drop in the bucket even from the Founder.

Cable Trying Targeted Advertising

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I read an article at Yahoo! Tech today that peaked my interest just a bit regarding Cable TV attempting to try “targeted advertising”. Targeted advertising is when advertisements are custom delivered to you based on a trend (like how Amazon knows what to suggest for you).

I’m not surprised to see TV taking on some of the ad facets that have shown success online. With the advent of TiVO / DVRs, there are a lot more ways to skip ads. Television advertising has been seeing a drop every since the popularity of mass distributed internet video and I’ve heard stats that some MTV microsites score more ad revenue than their spin-off channels.

It’ll be interesting to see how this works out. Looks like we’ll need to find another way to circumvent TV ads yet again.