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Launch: Energique Pro

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Energique Pro

Experts in a wide variety of natural products, GRATO Holdings, contacted me to design and develop their third website – this one aimed at a higher end look and feel for doctors & medical practitioners. With 700+ products, a gated area for wholesale purchases, a practitioner locator, and improved features for search, this site is positioned to be their top-earner.

This custom made e-commerce website features a hand-made web design, a fully custom content-driven responsive website, and an SEO-friendly, coupon-ready e-commerce integration with separate pricing, details and content for wholesale and retail customers.

Launch: Liddell Laboratories

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Liddell Laboratories

Liddell Laboratories

Experts in a wide variety of natural products, GRATO Holdings, contacted me to design and develop a series of websites to highlight their various product lines – a different site for each price range / demographic. The second in our series, Liddell Laboratories focuses on higher-end, higher quality products with more specific conditions, details and branding. Known as an industry standard, Liddell homeopathic products feature the best in natural remedies.

This brand new website features a custom-made website design, a fully custom content-driven responsive website, and an SEO-friendly, coupon-ready e-commerce integration. Check them out and try some of their great natural remedies!

Launch: Troy Horne

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Troy Horne

Local creative / artist Troy Horne wears a lot of hats: from non-profits, to creative writing, to marketing and music, Troy does it all. This website was built to focus specifically on Troy’s music career and his latest album: I AM – an eclectic mix of pop, rock and reggae.

A hand-built custom theme, an automated tour section w/ Google maps, and custom store and audio system customized from TopSpin were developed to spread Troy’s vision.

VectorDefector: 2012

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Happy New Year everyone! 2011 was a great year for VectorDefector and I’m hoping 2012 is even better!

In addition to continuing to provide the best possible customer care, eye for design and quality working products, VectorDefector will be releasing a few new services and products throughout the year: new “tag-along” mini sites specifically designed to work well with mobile devices, a new e-commerce package for folks seeking a total e-commerce store solution, and expanded features on our already great editable designs.

I also anticipate several new launches to kick off the new year, so please come back and check out our latest and greatest collaborations!

VectorDefector is Growing!

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Cheesy Growth Graphic

Whew! Its been over three years now since the re-opening of VectorDefector after a long stint in the corporate world and things keep getting better!

This year, VectorDefector has already seen a record 2nd quarter with plenty more great projects coming down the pipeline. We’re expanding to do more custom web applications, e-commerce and web design for mobile devices. Additionally, starting in June, VectorDefector will be taking on a new Project Manager to help with organization and work flow and a Jr. Graphic Designer to keep busting out quality sites.

Check back with us soon to see some great new site launches!

Ministries 3-Pack Launch

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Plum Creek Church

Plum Creek Church

Whew- this week I’ve completed a whole bundle of work with my associates at Mindflint Media. Specialists in non-profits and churches, Mindflint and I have been developing a number of cleanly designed data driven websites this year and the latest group of three is no exception!

This month we’ve completed work on two non-profit ministries: Blessman and (who are still working on integrating our theme into their software) and one church: Plum Creek Community Church of Castle Rock. Plum Creek also features some great work on a Flash animated children’s site by my friend Douglas Koke.

While not a religious person myself, I have much respect for all three organizations’ progressive take on tolerance, understanding and giving and for their great taste in web design!

Well done all.

VectorDefector Gates are Flooding!

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I’m proud to say business is booming this summer! I know I’ve addressed this topic before, but now is the time to be a freelancer. Its nice to have that “busy but not overworked” feeling again. Moreover, its even nicer to be busy and not have the general stress that goes along with working in an office (even though I miss the water-cooler talk).

I’m collaborating with a number of friends and agencies over the next couple of months and, quite honestly, they all kick butt! I’m working with my associates to establish some rockin’ home-grown Flash-based radio stations, my buddies at Mindflint and I are cookin’ up some fun and creative web projects, the folks at GraphikCreative and I knocked out some simple quizzes for Sleep Center of the Rockies, the crew at Barnaby and Associates and  I are about to produce one of my most ambitious WordPress sites, B-Squared Design and I are collaborating on a nice new portfolio site, and my buddy Doug Koke and I have landed some team design projects.

Whew! I’ll have specific updates on each of these projects as soon as they’re to go. Stay tuned!

Also, if you’re looking to contact me for work, I’m probably going to be busy until the middle of July at least- but that doesn’t mean we can’t chat about a future project!

RampRate – Data Driven Flash

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Contracted through my associates at MindFlint Media, the heavy hitting IT consulting firm RampRate requested some snazzy data-driven Flash items developed for their new site redesign undertaking via the MindFlint crew.


Using XML to drive the data, these simple animated Flash pieces add a nice pop to their new layout and are easily updatable and scalable! Since I’m not involved in the full development of the site, I posted some samples up on my test server for viewing: check out RampRate’s Flash pieces here.

Smile-Radio: Launch

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Earlier last week, I completed and launched Smile-Radio, a marketing site developed for my associates at CustomChannels to pitch their new product: streaming radio targeted at dentists.

Dubbed “Music for the Modern Dental Practice”, Smile Radio is a very “Web 2.0” looking custom-themed CSS site running off the WordPress platform (along with a few strategically placed custom plug-ins) and will soon have an automated ordering and tracking system for e-commerce payment traction.

In addition to the layout and tracking system, I also developed the accompanying Flash streaming media player and hand-crafted the branding. Lookin’ sharp! CustomChannels and I will be doing more work in the future including a new Flash radio player with unique statistical tracking. Look out, web!

Colorado WordPress Master!

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I’ve become a huge fan of WordPress lately. Its backend platform runs this blog and  a number of other sites I’ve developed for clients lately. I’ve worked with and built a number of website content management systems in my day and none of them were without their flaws. It seems like they either lack the options I’m looking for, or are too complex for my clients to manage. Its no good if they spend all their time trying to figure it out! Several I’ve made have worked out fine, but its quite an undertaking for just one developer.

Enter WordPress 2.7. I’m very impressed. Earlier this year I started writing my own CMS system, but its taken a back seat to WordPress. Adding plugins and writing custom skins for it has been super-easy to master, and the interface is nice and light. Just wait- soon Colorado will be swarming with elegant sites of all shapes and sizes all running on WordPress.

I’ll be the Colorado WordPress master! Interested in learning more about WordPress or data-driven websites? Check out my portfolio or contact me.