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Customer Survey- Soapoint Graphics

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Head honcho Mike Hornbeck at Soapoint Graphics was kind enough to return a recent survey I sent out to all of my latest customers. His satisfaction and kind words made me smile, so I thought I’d share:

How satisfied are you with the purchase you made?
– amazingly – very refreshing after being burned by another company
How satisfied are you with the service you received?
– Tom was all over it for us regardless of time of day.
How satisfied are you with our company overall?
– 12 out of 10
Were you satisfied with the price vs. the quality?
-I think the invoice came in 1000 cheaper than the original estimate so I was pretty excited about that.
How likely are you to buy from us again?
-Already planning future projects
How likely are you to recommend our products/services to others?
-Referrals should be rolling in – we haven’t been shy with your info.
Any other comments?
VectorDefector 4 Life!
Thanks Mike – and keep up the amazing print work!

2010 in Full Swing

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Well its a new year and I’m happy to say, last year turned out quite well. For being in business anew for less than 2 years, VectorDefector has grown at an amazing pace! I now have a steady set of great repeat clients, both agencies and individuals and have accomplished a wide range of projects from simple branding, to innovative streaming advertising solutions to large-scale corporate e-commerce.

That being said, I’m hoping 2010 is even bigger! VectorDefector will continue to offer its acclaimed customer service, attention to detail and quick and easy solutions to your web needs along with new additional services for Search Engine Optimization, Custom Content Management and E-Commerce toolsets, Newsletter / Subscriptions, and Credit Card & Security processing.

More updates about the first projects of this year will be forthcoming- thanks to all last years client’s for a great experience!

Web Hosting Through VectorDefector

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Today I wanted to make sure to officially announce that I offer quality affordable web hosting as a reseller to 15+ year veteran host ICDSoft. I have offered ICDSoft accounts for a number of years, but have recently decided to draw more attention to it as it really is a great service at a great price. Each package comes with top-notch customer support and a customized control panel that is yours to command. I’ve posted details on pricing and features on this blog.

To check out the details regarding my available hosting packages, and why you’d want to purchase one through me, please review my web hosting page.